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Finca San Luis Anaerobic Honey

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We are excited to bring to you this year a Special Release Anaerobic Honey processed coffee. Omar Arango picks only the ripest Typica cherries which are then submerged in water to remove any floaters, insect damaged cherries, leaves and sticks. The cherries are placed in plastic bags and sealed to avoid contact to oxygen and fermented for 24 hours. After this fermentation process the cherry is depulped without the use of water and further fermented for 24 hours without water. The coffee is washed very softly without removing all the mucilage. Finally the coffee is dried on raised African beds inside a greenhouse for approx. 12 days. When the coffee reaches 14% humidity it is further dried in a mechanical drier to take it to 11.5% - 11.3%.

The result of this meticulous process brings to the cup a super ripe peach sweetness, nectarine acidity and a creamy mouthfeel. 

Altitude:1800-1920 MASL

Variety: Typica.

Process: Anaerobic Honey


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Width: 3.50 (in)
Height 6.00 (in)
Depth 2.75 (in)
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Written by Tyler M on 16th May 2023

Nice balance of light and fragrant

I really enjoyed this coffee - it's has a nice balanced and subtle flavor profile. The coffee opens up nicely as you drink it.

Written by Jim O on 28th Jul 2022


Great clarity, nice mouthfeel, and an incredibly enjoyable coffee.

Written by Kat on 29th Apr 2021

Amazing coffee!

When they put peach as a tasting note, they definitely weren't kidding! The very first thing I noticed was a bright, crisp note that distinctively resembles a sweet, juicy peach. I am surprised no peaches were used in the making of this coffee lol! I have been tasting many different coffees from many different vendors as a sort of hobby this pandemic, and this outstanding coffee is a major prize winner in my book.

Written by Libbey on 13th Apr 2021

A plus

I found a new favorite and it gets an A+! Usually I can smell or taste one of the labels on front of the bag and this one for me had a creamy mouthfeel and it was sweet. Definitely will purchase again and recommend! I’m sad it’s a limited/special option!