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Flavor Chart

At Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters we roast every coffee to bring out sweetness and fruit acidity. After all, coffee is a fruit with unique intrinsic flavors. Our roasting style brings out the best of those flavors and puts them in your cup. We have created this flavor chart to help you find the coffee you like.

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flavor chart

Brew Coffee like a Pro

Specialty Coffee has many amazing flavors, and brewing at home offers you the opportunity to make it the way you like it.

Each brewing method offers you a different experience whether you like the clean crisp flavors of a V60 Pour Over or the heavier mouth-feel of a French Press, you decide.

Sign up for one of our Home Coffee Brewing classes below and have a hands on experience to find the brewing method you like best and why.


CFCR Classes

Learn to taste coffees like a pro, brew at home like we do, become a home barista or learn to throw down some latte art.

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SCA Classes

Already a coffee professional and want to further your skill set?

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