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Home Brewing Class

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Due to COVID, we are limiting class sizes to 4 people. Attendees are required to be vaccinated so we can enjoy our coffee together.  

Coffee has many amazing flavors, and brewing at home offers you the opportunity to make it the way YOU like it. 

There is no other beverage in the world where the result in the cup is decided upon by you the consumer.

Each brewing method offers you a different experience whether you like the clean crisp flavors of a Hario V60 Pour Over or the heavier mouth-feel of a French Press.

This class lead by our Coffee Trainer will demonstrate to you the proper brewing techniques of different brewing devices and allow you to taste the difference. Learn about coffee to water ratios, water temps, brew times and grind size to get the best from your brewer.

$25 includes a Roasters choice 12oz bag of coffee. Must attend class to receive. 

Classes are limited to 4. No Refunds or Rescheduling

All Home Brewing Classes are at our Roastery at our East Sac Cafe located at 4749 Folsom Blvd. Check in at the register on arrival with your printed receipt. 

Private Classes available! Contact our Education Director to schedule.



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