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SCA Coffee Skills Program - Introduction to Coffee

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SCA Coffee Skills Program

Introduction to Coffee

In this course, you will learn about coffee's journey from its origins in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today, sought out and enjoyed by millions around the world. We'll learn about the steps from farming the cherries, the different processes coffee goes through, drying, roasting, and brewing. We'll be doing a coffee cupping under the SCA Coffee Cupping Protocols and taste the various flavors coffee has to offer and taste the difference between Washed, Honey, and Natural processed coffees. 

This course is the introductory to the Coffee Skills Program and is a great module for those who are new in the Coffee Industry or simply have an interest in Coffee and are looking to learn more. 

This course includes fees for certification under the Specialty Coffee Association. Once you have passed the exam you will receive a certificate and earn the 10pts towards your Coffee Skills Program Module.

Course Length: 7 hours + 1 hour for exam

Class Size: 8 ppl

Course includes light pastry breakfast, Lunch, and Coffee throughout.


Downtown Coffee Bar
3rd & Q St
Sacramento, CA 95819

Start time: 8am

email for further questions.

**All sales are final. Course fees are not refundable. If you need to cancel, course fees can be applied to future courses or another person can take your place. For all changes, we will charge a change fee of 25% of the course price. Changes are not possible less than 7 days before the course**


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