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El Retiro del Quisaya Natural - Guatemala

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Cup Characteristics:  Dark Berry sweetness, Grapefruit acidity, Bakers Chocolate finish

Near the town of San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala, Juan Luis Barrios Ortega grows these Pache varietal trees at 1850 meters above sea level on his family's farm, El Retiro de Quisaya. 4 years ago, Juan Luis constructed a wet mill on the El Retiro farm to process his coffee cherries. However, this coffee is not the norm for Guatemala where most coffee's are washed. This lot has been selected for processing in the Natural or Dry method. Where the cherry is dried fully intact to produce a much for fruited cup. This is a special limited lot and we are super happy to be able to bring this to you. 


It's so good Coffee Review gave it a 93 point score. 


PROCESS: Natural
REGION: San Martin Jilotepque, Chimaltenango
ALTITUDE: 1850 meters
HARVEST PERIOD: December through April


93 Points - COFFEE REVIEW 2017





Other Details
Width: 3.50 (in)
Height 6.00 (in)
Depth 2.75 (in)
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Written by Pockets on 27th Apr 2018

Light flavor with a great lingering flavor

I was expecting a little more from this roast. The beans have such a pleasant aroma that I'd hoped to get those esters in the middle palate: the tannins are there but very light, made poignant by the rather thin, watery foretaste. The saving grace, for my taste buds at least, is the finish. Your mouth is left with a velvety, rich dark chocolate taste that lingers for a wonderfully long time - it's like taking a bite out of a 90+% cacao dark chocolate bar, then rolling your tongue around the roof of your mouth to savor the flavor after swallowing. The caffeine buzz is also a high point (no pun intended): strong, even, and clear-headed. My brewing process (posted for science, not for criticism): 40g whole beans, hand-ground coarse for French press (coarser than standard) plus a pinch of sea salt. ~700mL steam-distilled water heated to 180°F. Bloom thrice (10 second intervals between each) and steep for 10-12 minutes.

Written by on 29th May 2015

My favorite coffee!

My husband buys me a 5 lb bag for my birthday and anniversary and it is my favorite gift. It's tastes so good and the smell is heavenly. Nothing else compares.