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Have you ever had a 4 course dinner with Coffee in each ingredient??? We challenged Chef Aimal Formoli of Formolis Bistro in East Sac to do just this. It started with a coffee tasting of our current offerings. We discussed the Sweetness and Fruit Acidity we tasted in the coffees and how different brewing methods could highlight different flavors he could use to create dishes for his menu. Chef Aimal threw loads of fun ideas on the table, he left with his head spinning, a grin on his face and us feeling excited about our 1st Coffee Challenge. So we're having a dinner party here at CFCR,Folsom Blvd, on July 27th 6:30 pm. Tickets are on sale now at the coffeehouse, limited to 30 guests $50 pp. Hurry this is going to be EPIC!