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Espresso Spice Rub

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A true Sacramento Collaboration. 

The Beans - Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

The Spices - Allspicery 

The Blend - V Miller Meats

The Best Ingredients.

Dark brown sugar, Kosher Salt, Ground Espresso, black pepper, garlic powder

ground cinnamon, ground cumin, cayenne pepper

Before you Grill

Apply generously (Cake it on!) to your choice of meat an hour before cooking, overnight or up to 48hrs before if smoking. 

The bigger the cut, the longer it can sit. 




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Written by Erica on 29th Dec 2017

Versatile rub.

The first time I use this was on a Opah fish that I seared. Came out fantastic! My niece loved it on her pork roast and tonight it is going on steaks. Seems very versatile and not to heavy on the espresso flavor. Can't wait to try it on veggies.

Written by Jennifer Terry on 1st Aug 2016

Mouthwatering Rub

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters' Espresso Spice Rub is fantastic. A friend gave us a packet about a month ago and we have already gone through that one and several more. As recommended, "cake it on thick" and leave it on a skirt steak for a few hours and then throw the meat on a hot grill. It is amazing.