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Coffee Delivery (Healthcare)

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Send healthcare professionals a pick-me-up! Contribute what you can—$3.50 towards one cup or $55 for the 160 oz disposable carafe with cups for 20.

We'll roast, brew and deliver coffee in 160 oz boxes to hospials in Sacramento.  We are working with hospitals to distribute the boxes to each of the departments so everyone can have a great cup of coffee.  Delivery will be to a different hospital each time.

Spread the word to purchase coffee for healthcare professionals working the long hard hours at hospitals in Sacramento.  When speaking with our local Nurses, Doctors, Laboratory personnel and pharmacists they thought it would be amazing to receive such a needed caffeine boost during their long hours.  This will allow Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters to continue roasting coffee, employ baristas and stay in business during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Do you know a facility in Sacramento heavily impacted by Covid-19 that could use a pick-me-up? Send us an email to  Please help us spread the word thru your social media contacts.  Thanks for your support. 

Don't worry about the Ship to on your oder, we are coordinating with different hospitals for delivery so everyone will get coffee.


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